Our qualified coaches at MRDA work alongside schools, medical professionals and family/caregivers to design a goal-based programme, individualised for each rider to meet their specific needs.  These programmes are structured around specific goals according to the needs of the rider. 

We have three core riding programmes: 

  • Education – RDA activities have a strong learning element and can be used as a powerful educational tool. These types of programmes can be designed to reiterate the riders IEP and include the current school curriculum.
  • Sport and Recreation – Develops pathways to Para-Equestrian and Special Olympics. 
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation – For riders with physical, emotional/psychological challenges.

While a rider’s primary purpose or goal may initially be therapy, we incorporate educational and recreational elements into our RDA sessions too.

Each rider has their own goal-based programme, individualised to meet their specific needs 


There are some instances where riding is contraindicated (not recommended), and advice is taken from medical professionals if this may be the case.



“I have never been to a group anywhere around in the world that runs a programme as good as here”  – Mary Longden

International Level 3 coach, an Australian ‘A’ Level dressage judge, FEI ‘I’ Level Eventing judge (until 2009), FEI ‘O’ Level Para-Equestrian judge, and an International Para-Equestrian coach and consultant.