Since 2014 MRDA has been running an “Early Intervention” Programme, catering for children aged from 1 – 8 years.  There are a range of physical, intellectual and social disabilities including cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and other rare disorders.

During their 30 minute riding therapy there is the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills by utilising puzzles, building blocks and other tools.  We also have the support of a qualified therapist who is available to provide insight into helping these children achieve their goals.

The parents have a cup of coffee and chat with other parents experiencing similar issues and provide a support network for each other, sharing ideas and experiences.

Roslein Wilkes, one of Marlborough RDAs long time coaches, says that being involved in this programme has been a heart-warming experience.  “Watching these little ones becoming more mobile and confident, and to see their parents interacting and helping each other, has been absolutely fantastic”.

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